Configuration Edit

This page will describe how to configure BakkesMod, both inside the game and outside.

Bakkesmod uses a configuration system that works like the console in source engine games. You can change variables by either typing them in the ingame console (Press the tilde key) or by editing .cfg files.

Console Edit

To open the console, press the tilde key (~). A red box will popup where you can type any of the listed cvars.

Config files Edit

The configuration files can be found in the /bakkesmod/cfg folder. You can create a file with any name. The default used config files are config.cfg for keybindings and autoexec.cfg for all other configuration. When the mod loads, it will first execute the config and then the autoexec file.

By default, the config.cfg file contains the following text:

bind Equals toggleconsole

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Right "workshop_playlist_next"

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Up "shot_reset"

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Left "rebound_shoot"

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Down "redirect_shoot"

bind 1 "redirect_shoot"

bind 2 "rebound_shoot"

bind 3 "shot_reset"

bind 4 "workshop_playlist_next"

Things to know Edit

Whenever a parameter is a number, you can use the (lowerbound, upperbound) notation for randomization, for example redirect_shotspeed (1200, 1400), or even shot_mirror (0, 1)

To execute multiple commands with one key, you can just add them after each other using the ; separator, for example bind X "ball location 0 0 200; sleep (300, 900); ball velocity 300 300 300;"

Cvars Edit

Warning: Many of these cvars are outdated. Please use the ingame GUI to find a list of commands.

The list below is a list of all the cvars that are in BakkesMod by default, for all the cvars from the default plugins, see below.

Default cvars Edit

Command Parameters Notes
exec filename Executes the given file in your /cfg/ folder
bind keyname "action" Keyname is the key on your controller, keyboard. To find the key, use logkeys
unbind keyname Unbinds the given key
listbinds List all the current binds
unbindall Unbinds all current binds
logkeys 0|1 1 to log all pressed keys to the console, 0 to disable
writeconfig Writes the bind changes to the config.cfg file
toggleconsole Toggles the console on or off. (Still buggy, won't close the console but will open it)
enable_azerty Enable support for azerty keyboards
alias aliasname "action" Creates an alias for the given alias name, for example: alias freeplay "loadmap utopia"
listmaps Lists all the maps that can be loaded
loadmap mapname Loads the given mapname
loadmap2 mapname Loads the given mapname, (mapname needs to exist in the CookedPCConsole)
sleep 0-10000 Put this between two commands to make it wait for that amount of time before executing the next command.
plugin load|unload|reload pluginname Loads, unloads or reloads the given plugin name
plugin list Lists all the loaded plugins

Free play commands Edit

Command Parameters Notes
training_scoring 0|1 Enables scoring in freeplay/tutorial modes, defaults to 0
training_predictball 0|1 Draws a line to predict where the ball is going
training_predictball_(r|g|b|a) 0-255 Set the color for the predictionline
training_predictball_drawsteps 0-50 The amount of steps to predict the ball
training_predictball_drawsteptime 0-500 The amount of time (in MS) between each predictionstep
boost set limited|unlimited|amount Amount is a number between 0 and 100
boost add|remove amount Amount is a number between 0 and 100
gamespeed 0-10 Number (float) to set the speed of the game
respawnboost Respawns all the boostpads on the field
ball|player location|velocity|rotation x y z Sets the ball/player location/velocity to the given x y z values
ball|player stop|reset Stops the player or resets it to the center of the field.
debug ball|player Gives info about the given actor, such as location, velocity, rotation.
torq mode x y z Adds torque to the ball, mode is a value between 0-6 (I think 1 works best?)

Default plugin cvars Edit

ReboundPlugin Edit


Parameters Notes
rebound_shotspeed 0-2000 The speed to shoot the ball
rebound_addedheight 0-4000 The height to shoot above the backboard (300, 1400) by default
rebound_side_offset 0-4000 The amount of units of which it shoots to the side
rebound_shoot Shoot the rebound

RedirectPlugin Edit

Command Parameters Notes
redirect_shot_speed 0-2000 The speed to shoot the ball
redirect_pass_offset 0-2000 The amount of x and y units it can differ from the prediction
redirect_pass_offset_z 0-5000 The amount of z units it can differ from the prediction
redirect_pass_predict 0|1 Predict where the player will be when the ball arrives, default: 1
redirect_on_ground 0|1 Only give ground passes, default: 0
redirect_predict_multiplier_x 0-50 The amount to multiply the current players x velocity by (for predictions)
redirect_predict_multiplier_y 0-50 The amount to multiply the current players x velocity by (for predictions)
redirect_shoot Shoot the redirect/pass

Workshop plugin Edit

Command Parameters Notes
workshop_playlist_next Loads the next shot in the playlist
workshop_playlist_random 0|1 Randomize the order of the workshop playlist
replay_snapshot Creates a snapshot of the current replay

Defender plugin Edit

Command Parameters Notes
defender_start Starts the defender training
defender_stop Stops the defender training
defender_shotspeed 0-2000 The speed to shoot the balls
defender_cooldown 0-10000 The time to wait inbetween shots

DribblePlugin Edit

Command Parameters Notes
ballontop Places the ball on your roof

KickoffPlugin Edit


Parameters Notes
kickoff_load 0-6 Use 0 to load the next in the list, 1-6 to load the given kickoff. Press the ingame reset button to actually load the kickoff.
kickoff_countdown 0-5 The countdowntimer for the kickoff (doesn't work in freeplay, only in the other training modes (rookie aerial training recommended))

TrainingPlugin Edit

Commands Parameters Notes
shot_load shotname Loads the given shotname
shot_generate Generates a shot from the loaded shot
shot_reset Resets the current shot
shot_countdowntime 0-5 In training modes, other than free play. The countdowntimer will be this amount
shot_waitbeforeshot 0-5 Wait for the given amount after setting the ball velocity in freeplay (default is 0.5 I believe)
shot_mirror 0|1 Mirrors the current shot

TouchMinigamePlugin Edit

Commands Parameters Notes
touch_start Starts the touch minigame
touch_stop Stops the touch minigame