Troubleshooting Edit

If you're having trouble running the mod, take a look around this page

The mod gives the status "Injected" but doesn't work Edit

Download vc_redist.x86.exe from the official Microsoft site at

DO NOT download the 64 bit version but vc_redist.x86.exe. Reboot and then run the injector and it should work!

►Try increasing the injection timeout (settings -> injection timeout) to something around 1500

►If you're using alphaconsole, make sure you inject bakkesmod first and launch alphaconsole after youre in-game.

Rocket League keeps crashing when I run the injector Edit

►Make sure you have don't have any launch options set for Rocket League. Go to your steam library, right click -> properties on Rocket League -> set launch options -> empty the box.

►If Rocket League crashes due to injection of bakkesmod in the loading screen, try to verify your game files through steam.

►Close the injector, run it as admin and select file -> reinstall.

►BakkesMod is not compatible with NinjaRipper, remove NinjaRipper if you wish to use BakkesMod